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Hello Rubber Stamps

9. oktober, 2012 · DIY, lovely goodies

Lovely stamps!

More over at designsponge

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3. oktober, 2012 · lovely goodies


-  Atelier -

I hade 45 minuts to style a workplace for the home.

I Was Inspired by this wordplay:

Stay Gold

» Stay true and pure, have integrity «



Per Olav Sølvberg / Familiesirkus

The bloginterior Stylist of the year!

(in Norway)

Juged by

Jeanette Lunde  from www.byfryd.com, 



and zahlfurunes.blogspot.no

during the interiorfair in Bergen, Norway.

Thank you!

( Photo by Anniken Zahal Furunes and Ragnhild Sølvberg)

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DIY Geometric Paper Ornaments

2. oktober, 2012 · DIY

It’s time to fancy up your house with some colour!

Get yours Set of 8 Cut-and-Fold Paper Polyhedra Templates here


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2. oktober, 2012 · lovely goodies

how cool are these ? from  Sfida


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Come visist us at Bolig og interiørmessen i Bergen

27. september, 2012 · lovely goodies


Come! Have fun !


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24. september, 2012 · lovely goodies, Webshops

 Girls just want to have fun

stylish kidswear from Norway

stylish raincoat too!

your kids will love it too!

- www.vossatassar.no -

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Shampoodle kidswear from Sweden

23. september, 2012 · lovely goodies


see more of these cuties here

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Circuslife according to instagram

22. september, 2012 · Glede, Inspirasjon, lovely goodies, Uncategorized

My new Iphone case. A gift from NYC

Our new balloons. Have fun!

Art by Per Olav

Green fluffy Carnation! Lovely!

Our house!

A lovely flower arrangement from our lokal bikeshop!

On our wishlist. a pillow from berthas

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Do you know it’s christmas?

20. september, 2012 · DIY, Uncategorized

 yes, it’s Christmas!

We are working on a huge chistmas styling shoot for big neewspaper . Take weeks to preper.

listening to

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Easy DIY

19. september, 2012 · DIY

Super easy. Perfect gift:-)



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